Next week’s issue of Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine will be confirming that Kosaki Onodera’s trusty best friend, Ruri Miyamoto, will be having her own route as an additional DLC to the upcoming Nisekoi: Yomeiri!? dating sim game for the PlayStation Vita.

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In the manga and anime, Ruri is not considered by many people as part of Raku Ichijo’s harem of forgotten childhood friends and serves only as support for Onodera who is mostly afraid to show her feelings for Raku. Main girls Kosaki Onodera and Chitoge Kirisaki have been confirmed to be receiving their own routes as well as Marika Tachibana and Seishirou Tsugumi.

The scan also reveals a new character named Atama, a mysterious fox girl. She is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu who is best known for voicing Azusa from K-On!

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