Monsters beware, Sonic the Hedgehog will be arriving in the new Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate… well, sort of. During the Tokyo Game show, Capcom has announced that they will be releasing a special Sonic the Hedgehog costume for your trusty Felyne sidekick which usually accompany you on your hunts.


They will also be throwing in Sonic’s legendary sword, Caliburn for your Felyne to arm. They will also release a nostalgia-inducing Guild Card background which is taken from the Super Sonic games.


The Capcom panel also unveiled another collaboration item, and it features the Bandai Namco rhythm game Taiko Drum master. The Taiko Drum Master Hunting Horn truly brings out that Japanese festival feel and it even comes with a cute Guild Card background because nothing describes a deadly Monster Hunter more than a cute and festive background.

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