Sony is teaming up with Gundam for a unique collaboration which will introduce Gundam-themed Sony Walkman portable music players.


These limited edition Sony Walkmans will feature both Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack and Mobile Suit Gundam UC. The highlight product will be the limited edition Sony Walkman ZX1 x Gundam Sound Track Pre-Store (Special Limited Edition) which costs 100,000 yen, tax still not included. The special edition bundle includes the device itself, a 140-page special booklet, the complete OST of Char’s Counterattack and the OST of Gundam UC episodes 1 – 4. It comes in only one color, silver and it sports 128 GB worth of memory. It is exclusively available via the Sony Store.


Sony will also be releasing Gundam versions of their F880 series walkmans which will be available with either a 64GB memory or a 32GB memory. You can also choose the colors for your Gundam walkman as it comes in either black, white, blue, and pink. You can also choose which Gundam will be featured in your Gundam walkman, but you can only choose either the Nu Gundam or the Unicorn Gundam. The 64GB version costs 46,000 yen while the 32GB version costs 35,000 yen. Both are also exclusively available via the Sony Store.

gwm 1 gwm 2

gwm 3 gwm 4 gwm 5 gwm 6 gwm 7 gwm 8 gwm 9

The walkmans also feature a cryptic message on the side which says “In the future, should the emergence of a new space-adapted human race be confirmed, the Earth Federation shall give priority to involving them in the administration of the government”


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