Square Enix‘s popular gaming-romance manga High Score Girl has been embroiled in some legal troubles as of late. The manga is not only facing copyright complaints from gaming giant SNK for using its copyrighted materials in the manga without permission, but as it seems, fellow gaming giant Sega also had some copyright troubles with the manga in the past.


About two years ago, Sega reported that it had received a request from Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan, which serializes High Score Girl, to use Virtua Fighter and its characters for the manga. However, a character from the game appeared in the manga before they could even say yes.

No legal action was reportedly taken, however, the company did make a “strong protest”. Eventually, Sega did say yes however. This is because the inclusion of the characters would be good advertising for their games, however, they did so on the condition that they would check the parts that their characters will be shown before the mangas get published.

Capcom and Bandai Namco also has their copyrighted materials featured in the manga, however, both big companies said that they have given their consent for High Score Girl to use their copyrights so expect that Square Enix can get a little breather from them.


However, its really just SNK which truly has some legal copyright troubles with the manga and said they did not get any requests from Square Enix to use their characters at all, unlike Sega, Capcom and Bandai Namco.

Police have already raided the Square Enix headquarters last month as several SNK titles have been used in the manga such as King of Fighters. A few days later, Square Enix formally announced that the manga will go on temporary hiatus. An anime adaptation for the manga has also been green-lit and the publishers have said there were “no changes” in the plans to animate the series despite the fact that it is currently facing some legal troubles against SNK and the fact that the manga is being voluntarily recalled.

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Source: Sankei MSN


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