With the fall season already ushering in colder temperatures, Japanese fashion brand Super Groupies has taken inspiration from Full Metal Alchemist to keep people warm and fashionable these colder months.


The Edward Elric shawl is certainly designed to keep people warmer and it comes in Edward Elric’s signature red color. It also comes with a pin bearing the sigil of the heroic alchemist. It is scheduled for release in January 2015 and costs 7,800 yen excluding tax.

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Edward Elric is also the inspiration for this fashionable silver necklace designed to look like a watch. It features a red swarovski crystal designed to look like the Philosopher’s Stone and bears Ed’s sigil as well. When you open it, it bears the words “Don’t Forget 3.Oct.11” and comes in a book-like box. It costs 12,800 yen.

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Finally, the fire alchemist, Roy Mustang, serves as inspiration for this bracelet which costs 1,980 yen.

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