The Tokyo Game Show has already kicked off yesterday, and true to its name, the event featured the very best in gaming Japan has to offer. Video game-related merchandise were also on display, and that includes the figures from the various figure makers like Good Smile Company, Square Enix, Bandai, and Kaiyodo among others.

Let’s start our look at the figures with the DMM booth which showcased the latest Kantai Collection figures, including a now-painted prototype of Bandai’s Armor Girls Project (AGP) Atago, as well as Good Smile Company’s Shimakaze and Kongou gigures, and many many more.

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The Konami Booth meanwhile featured a whole lot of Metal Gear Solid with figures and merchandise which include figmas and Play Arts Kais.

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The Bandai Namco booth meanwhile had some cutesy super-deformed versions of the God Eater characters with Plex’s Grand Ani Chara Heroes line.


Capcom meanwhile showed off their new Morrigan figure as well as a Super Chogokin version of a Monster Hunter

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And finally, we take a look at Square Enix which finally unveil their new Play Arts Kai Predators, DC figures, Star Wars figures, and of course, Final Fantasy.

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The Tokyo Gameshow will be from September 18 – 21, 2014, with the event opening its doors for the general public last two days.

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