Romance manga The World God Only Knows may have already ended and gave many fans a very satisfying ending, however, Web Sunday, the official website of Weekly Shounen Sunday which serialized the manga has announced that Keima and the gang will be having a come back of sorts, but this time, as a spin-off.


The spin-off manga will be known as Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai On The Train or The World God Only Knows On The Train. It will be a free online manga which will be featured in Shogakukan’s Club Sunday website. It will follow Keima as he tries to capture various heroines on board a train. The web manga will be launched September 19, 2014.

The World God Only Knows follows Keima Katsuragi who is known as “The Capturing God”, a dating sim gamer who has captured every single heroine in the games he plays. He is forced into becoming a “Buddy” for the demon Elsie and to be freed from is contract, he must use his dating sim know-how to capture girls in the real world in order to drive out the “Runaway Spirits” residing in them.

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Source: Web Sunday


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