Trap characters in anime have confused many anime fans about their gender preferences for years, and they have now become an anime staple, commonly found in high school romantic comedies and the occasional action anime. Guys dressing up girls is one thing, but pulling it off and successfully fooling viewers is another thing entirely.

We take a look at which of them are the most memorable, and we here at SGCafe really deliberated, argued, and fought over who should be included or who shouldn’t be included in our latest Top 10 list. And after almost a week’s worth of debates, we have finally settled on our Top 10. We did not include any characters from any hentai anime so if you are expecting one from Boku no Pico, we are really sorry (though they are indeed very memorable… in a bad way). And without further ado, here’s our Top 10 most memorable traps in anime. Take it away Admiral Ackbar!


 10)  Hime Arikawa (Himegoto)


An androgynous guy is suffering from a huge debt and is saved by girls, however, those girls make him their servant and force him to wear female clothes every single time. That’s the premise of Himegoto and what makes the main character, Hime, so memorable is that he comes from a show where you don’t watch it for the cute real girls, you watch it for the trap and see him in all sorts of hilarious and awkward situations, crotch bulge panty shot and all.

9) Kamatari Honjou (Rurouni Kenshin)


Ahhhh Kamatari, many probably got introduced to traps because of him and that big reveal that he is actually a guy in the anime must have made a lot of jaws drop at that time. Kamatari really looks feminine no matter how you look at it, though in the manga, he revealed that his “thing” is actually quite large.

8) Hayate Ayasaki (Hayate the Combat Butler!)


Unlike the others in the list, Hayate prefers his masculine side a whole lot more. He is forced into wearing female clothes, mostly by Nagi and Maria, and the results are always hilarious. What makes Hayate such a memorable trap is that you know that he is a guy even before he wears female clothing, but you just can’t help but get confused once he does. He even has stalkers because he looks so good in drag and they don’t even mind that Hayate is a guy! Yaoi fans rejoice

7) Mizuho Miyanokouji (OtoBoku)


Like Hayate, Mizuho is a trap with his own harem of cute girls who often aren’t as cute as he is. What puts Mizuho above Hayate is that the guy has to dress up as a girl 24/ 7 or risk getting found out. He enters an all-girls school to fulfill his mother’s wish, and when he does, the maidens are really falling for him. Some of them have even become a lot happier when they found out that she’s a he.

6) Kenjirou Hato (Genshiken)


He’s a trap and he LOVES Yaoi, a bad combination for some, but a  hilarious one for others. One of the things which makes him memorable is his interactions with former Genshiken member Madarame which are always hilarious. Another thing which makes him so unforgettable as a trap is that he actually has a normal male voice but worked hard enough to perfect a female voice. He even has TWO voice actors with kazutomi Yamamoto voicing his normal male voice and Ai Kakuma voicing his female voice.

5) Saika Totsuka (Oregairu/ My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)


Cheerful and refreshing, Saika has brought warmth to Hachiman Hikigaya’s dreadful days and actually befriends him, to his delight. What makes Saika unique is that he does not need to dress up as a girl to confuse people about their genders and that he is actually very very very innocent that guys look at him as if he were a girl. Sure, he knows people often get confused to his gender sometimes, but he really doesn’t know that most of them are crushing on him. What’s more is that main character Hachiman actually prefers him over the two female leads, Yukino and Yui. Sorry girls

4) Mariya Shidou (Maria†Holic)


Mariya is the exact opposite of Saika. While Saika is kind and honest, Mariya is cruel, sadistic, and manipulating which often leads to poor Kanako getting into trouble. Like Mizuho, he attends an all-girls school and dresses up as a girl, but the similarities end there as Mariya actively uses his feminine charm as a weapon to make people do his bidding. He also has a twin sister named Shizu, whom he also likes to play pranks on or torture, and that dark and sadistic nature makes him all the more memorable.

3) Aoi Futaba (You’re Under Arrest)


I watched You’re Under Arrest as a kid, but the anime has done something which still bothers me to this day, and that is Aoi Futaba. Aoi is cute and is really the most feminine character in the series, and that is saying a lot since the show follows two FEMALE cops. His motto is “I have the body of a man but the soul of a woman”, and his motto is also the battlecry for many other people in real life. Aoi introduced many of us, including myself, to traps and made us more immune to the likes of Saika, Mariya, and our #2…

2) Ruka Urushibara (Steins; Gate)


Rukako has confused people the moment he was introduced. Look at him, I mean, he always wears a Shrine Maiden outfit, and always looks good in female clothes. What makes Ruka so unforgettable is that he actually became a real and natural SHE sometime in the anime, to the delight of many fans, as he has done something no other trap has… become an actual natural-born girl

1) Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Baka & Test: Summon the Beasts)


Come on, you guys saw it coming. The writers here at SGCafe actually argued at who to include in the list and which position will they be placed on, however, nobody argued who #1 will be. Hideyoshi is not just a trap, Hideyoshi is THE trap and when you say the word trap to an anime fan, Hideyoshi would be the one to first come to mind. Hideyoshi’s gender is so confusing that the he even has his own personal bathroom and toilet just because it would be weird to put him in either the ladies’ room or the men’s room. He has also become somewhat of an internet meme as fans do not call traps as traps, but they call them as Hideyoshis, the mysterious third gender. Even male cosplayers who successfully pull off and cosplay female characters are not safe from his influence as they are sometime called “Hideyoshis” themselves. And like all of the characters in the list, Hideyoshi has confused many people about their gender preference, and like Saika, he does not even need to dress up as a girl to have people confused.

hideyoshibath hqdefault

So what do you guys think of our list?

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