It is finally October 31, which means it is already Halloween! And as the day where all the spooky ghouls and goblins go out to play and kids (and some adults) dress up as their favorite character or monster, we take a look at five monsters from anime which are surely a great fit for All Hallow’s Eve.


Our picks are NOT ranked, but our SGCafe writers have really talked about which monster should be included, and we have picked five of them. Here they are:

The Youkai
(Gegege no Kitarou, Youkai Watch, Nura: Rise of the Youkai Clan, etc)

youkai mizuki

The Youkai may be a very broad term, but they are the quintessential Japanese monster. The reason why we selected them is that many people are not aware of many of Japan’s spookiest monsters. People who celebrate Halloween, which is a western tradition, do not often dress up as Japanese monsters, and would more likely go for the traditional western ones like vampires and werewolves. The Youkai have been featured in plenty of anime titles, which range from action-packed shounen series like Nura, to kiddie series such as Youkai Watch.

The Shinigamis
(Death Note)


We are not talking about the Shinigamis from Bleach, we are talking about the creatures who are much scarier than them… OK, maybe Kenpachi is just as scary. The Death Note Shinigamis certainly look scarier, and their natures make them even a better fit for Halloween. The term Shinegami literally means “Death God”, and these Death Note creatures are truly fine examples as they are required to actually kill a person in order to survive. Gods of death indeed.



Chiropterans are basically vampires, however, their more bat-like appearance makes them look a whole lot scarier. I would rather meet a vampire than a Chiropteran to be quite honest, and not only that, these things can also fly!

The Terraformars
(Terra Formars)


Cockroaches may not be scary for some, but once they fly, they can scare just about anyone. Now, imagine a cockroach bigger than an average person and with almost human-like intelligence . Then imagine that this cockroach will kill any human on sight. Finally, imagine that cockroach being able to fly… You can start screaming now!

Terraformars were originally cockroaches sent to terraform Mars so that it can be inhabitable by humans. However, things went wrong as these insects evolved into something truly scary.

Ghost Pokemon


‘nuf said!

So what do you guys think of our list?

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