Hot Racing is unveiling it’s latest itabike to be hitting the motor sports circuit with an Ah! My Goddess! version going live in November.

After making a brief circuit at the Motul Grand Prix of Japan, Hot Racing’s Ah! My Goddess! themed bike is going to officially debut at the Suzuka Circuit on November 2.


It’s not just the bike that fans of the series will want to show up for either, as there will also be special collaborative goods based on the bike, though those are being kept under wraps. Hopefully it has something to do with the art wrapping the bike though.



What isn’t is the fact that that Cosplay Umbrella Girl, Tomomi, will also be making an appearance as characters from the series. Though it’s her first time as a race queen, she should be everything fans of the series are hoping for from a goddess.


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Source: AnimeAnime


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