Otakus in Japan often consider their 2D anime or video game waifus to be much more important than real women, and this has led most Japanese to look down on these hobbies. A new poll made by Japanese media website, Goo, has shown the Top 5 Most Dangerous Hobbies which men prioritize over marriage, and the Top 5 really ain’t very surprising.


Taking first place in the ranking is anime, which some male fans, not only in Japan, really prioritize over getting themselves a date. It has now become common is Japan for guys to be trying to watch an episode of their favorite show just to see their favorite female character rather than finding themselves a real woman in the real world. It is no wonder why many Japanese women don’t like guys collecting bishoujo figures as they tend to prefer 2D girls over real ones.


The #2 spot goes to gaming, as some Japanese gamers have the tendency to neglect their own girlfriends and apparently, this is enough to make this hobby take the runner-up position. Gamers everywhere are very competitive and will tend to prioritize getting a win over spending time with their spouses or girl friends, and this has caused them plenty of troubles in their personal lives.


#3 goes to PC and internet related activities such as web forums such as 2Chan and social media like twitter, as most men tend to spend entire days just surfing the internet. #4 meanwhile goes to mangas and finally, the fifth spot takes a shot at idol fans who tend to worship Japanese idols a whole lot more than trying to find themselves their own girls.

Japanese idol group AKB48 performs during the MTV Video Music Aid Japan in Chiba

According to livedoor News, Japanese women tend to get into very frustrating situations with their boyfriends because of their hobbies, and this is quite understandable. After all, who wouldn’t get angry when your boyfriend/ girlfriend cancels your date just because he can’t miss an episode of his favorite anime or because he is currently fighting a game’s final boss?

But then again, it all comes down to compromise in the end, right? There’s this anime called I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying. It follows a married couple, with an otaku husband and a normal wife. It clearly reflects the struggle most women have with husbands with such hobbies, however, there is a lot of compromise between the two of them with the husband holding off on some of his hobbies while the wife accepts them.


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Source: livedoor News


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