The Levi Squad, aka the Special Operations Squad, from Attack on Titan are probably one of the most respected and battle-hardened members of the Survey Corps… and they are also Levi’s personal house-cleaning corps. Banpresto is turning these combat-savvy veterans (and Eren) into one of their cutest figures yet as part of their Chibi Kyun Chara prize figure line.


There are six super deformed figures in this new Attack on Titan Chibi Kyun Chara figure set and it includes Levi, Cleaning Eren, Pertra Ral, Oluo, Eld, and Gunther. If you complete all six figures, you can also complete the castle where the Levi Squad was stationed at.


Of course Levi and Petra or on top of the castle… shippers rejoice! Each gigure measures in at 6cm in height and will be released sometime in October 2014.

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