Sometimes, sarcasm and jokes are taken all too seriously by people, and a more recent real-life example of this is the latest Q & A session between Bessatsu Shounen Magazine and Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama, In one of the questions, the magazine asked the manga creator which female member of the 104th Trainee Regiment is Mikasa Ackerman closest to, and Isayama’s answer is just priceless.


He answered the question with a joke and said that Armin Arlert (who is a rather feminine guy) is the female member that Mikasa is closest to. And because of this rather sarcastic answer, fans reacted immediately and some have even come up with their own theories regarding Armin’s gender. Even famous people in Japan reacted, and one of them is popular actress Rika Adachi who laughed about it and said she did not know that Armin is a girl. Full Moon o Sagashite manga author Arina Tanemura even started calling the character Armin-chan, and chan is usually used for girls. However, Armin’s voice actress, Marina Inoue, cleared things up and stated that Armin is a guy, and Isayama purposely made him androgynous.

Meanwhile, several other questions were asked in the Q & A session, though not as controversial as the first one.


Q: Who eats more? Sasha (Potato Girl) or competitive eater, Gal Sone?

A: Sasha only eats a normal amount of food, but when it comes to who is greedier, she wins hands down.

Q: Does Levi help with the cooking?

A: Levi loves helping with the clean-up

Q: Mike is known for his excellent sense of smell, what does a titan smell like?

A: It smells like a Hot Springs Town


As of the moment, fans are still divided over the first question with some believing it completely while others just treated it as a joke. Looks like the comments from Marina Inoue herself were of no help at all. So which side are you on?

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