The Japanese server for Valve’s Counter Strike Online is teaming up with the popular shounen anime, Attack on Titan, for a very unexpected collaboration which will feature the anime’s titans and 3D maneuver Gear in the online first person shooter.


The game will be featuring a normal titan and Rein… I mean the Armored Titan as special bosses which will be terrorizing players in several maps.

cs0 2

Sometimes,  Counter Strike players wanna get up close and personal with their opponents with some very sharp knives. With this new Attack on Titan collaboration, players can now also equip the 3D maneuver Gear and the titan-killing snap blades as game items. Well, this is certainly gonna make knife-fighting a whole lot more interesting, huh?

cso 3

The Attack on Titan items and bosses will be implemented starting November 5, 2014. With the worldwide popularity of both Counter Strike and Attack on Titan, hopefully, international servers will also be able to feature this as well.

cso 1

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Source: Dengeki Online


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