In a new collaboration between Capcom’s upcoming 3DS game, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (known as Monster Hunter 4G in Japan), Weekly Shounen Sunday will be announcing that Magi and The Seven Deadly Sins will be featured in the game along with weapons inspired by both mangas which can be used to hunt monsters.

From Magi comes Aladdin’s staff and Alibaba’s fire sword, Amon. In addition, Magi-themed side quests will also be available as well as a Magi-themed Guild Card. Players can also become Magis as the title “Magi” will be available.

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will also be dealing with the world of The Seven Deadly Sins as players can be able to equip Melodias’s broken sword by gathering materials obtained from a quest which will become available in the game beginning November 19, 2014.


It was also recently revealed that a Sonic The Hedgehog costume will be available for your Felyne companions. Special Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate New 3DS and New 3DS LL consoles have also been announced in Japan. The game will be released in Japan this October 11 and will have its North American release early next year.

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Source: ANN


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