The Premium Bandai shop is getting into the spirit of Christmas early by offering fans a cake designed after everybody’s favorite Zaku, Zaku II.

It might not even by Halloween yet, but in Japan it’s time to start ordering your Christmas cake’s and if Hatsune Miku isn’t who you want to send your holiday with, there’s now a Gundam themed option. You may recognize the cake as one that Gundam Cafe previously offered, but this Zaku II is bringing a Christmas present with him.


When you order the cake from the Premium Bandai shop you’ll get not only a tasty green-tea and chocolate dome cake, but also a plate sporting a Zaku II in battle.


You can cut through your cake like an ace pilot with your own Beam Saber skewer that’s included.


The cake is currently opened for preorders at the Premium Bandai online store and costs 4,800 yen. He’ll arrive just in time for Christmas, as he ships in the middle of December. And hey, he even comes in a special box, just like a Christmas present.


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