Japanese illustrator, manga artist, and character designer Shunya Yamashita has made a reputation for himself out west as he is known to turn classic comic book characters like Wonder Woman and Super Girl, into bishoujo anime characters, which in turn become scale figures which are part of Kotobukiya‘s Bishoujo line.


Kotobukiya has recently payed some tribute to Shunya Yamashita with a special gallery showing his best works over at the Kotobukiya Museum in Akihabara. The gallery also featured some of the Bishoujo figures which were inspired by Yamashita’s artworks.

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As it is nearly halloween, the gallery sported a horror motif and was highlighted by Kotobukiya’s new Horror Bishoujo line which include the gender-bent Bishoujo versions of classic horror characters, Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

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Normally, Freddy and Jason can scare the lights out of people, but Yamashita’s versions just makes them quite… adorable. Here is a closer look at their bishoujo versions as well as their figures.

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Of course, since Halloween also allows normal people to dress up like superheroes, Yamashita’s bishoujos inspired by the super heroines of DC Comics were also in full display.

The Black Canary


Wonder Woman (armored)

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The Huntress

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110 113

Starfire from The Teen Titans

111 114

Harley Quinn

115 118

Power Girl

116 119

Cat Woman

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Also included in the exhibition are several merchandise, including the Bishoujo Figures themselves, as well as several Japanese-translated DC comicbooks. The Kotobukiya museum in Akihabara will be hosting the Shunya Yamashita Gallery and Horror Bishoujo launch exhibition only until November 3, 2014.

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