Since the new Fall 2014 season began, mecha anime CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon has become one of the most talked about anime, but not because many found the anime interesting, but because its OP sequence really looks a whole lot like the OPs of Gundam SEED.


The image above is taken from Cross Ange’s OP song, Kindan no Resistance by Nana Mizuki who also voices main character Angelize. If the image looks familiar, that’s because it kinda looks like something from one of Gundam SEED’s OPs.

copy pa

Fans have blamed Sunrise, which produced both anime series, of recycling material and many have jokingly dubbed the Cross Ange OP as the Copy-Paste OP. Here are a few more comparison shots:


Does it really copy the SEED openings? Let’s leave it for you guys to decide. Anyway, for more comparisons, here is the Cross Ange OP sequence as well as the second OP of Gundam SEED

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