As a huge thank you to the fans for 30 years of support, Dragon Ball, along with Banpresto, will be releasing a new Ichiban Kuji lottery game with over 30 different prizes in store.

The lotteries will be held starting mid-October 2014 and will cost 620 yen. It will be available in several Japanese convenience stores like Lawson, Family Mart, and Mini Stop as well as selected book stores and hobby shops.

A Prize: Super Saiyan Son Goku 30th Anniversary figure


B Prize: 14cm Mega World Collectible Shenron figure


C Prize: Reversible Cushion

w-C_omote-440x292 w-C_ura-440x292

D Prize: 30th Anniversary Wall Scroll


E Prize: Akira Toriyama Mascot strap


F Prize: 7cm Guest Figures (Arale as Goku, Akira Toriyama as Goku, and Goku as Arale)

w-F_022-215x423 w-F_032-215x423 w-F_gokuu-215x354

G Prize: Long Towels

w-G_011-440x87 w-G_021-440x87 w-G_031-440x87

H Prize: Rubber Straps

w-H_012-215x266 w-H_022-215x281 w-H_032-215x232 w-H_041-215x278 w-H_051-215x202 w-H_061-215x257 w-H_071-215x226 w-H_081-215x221 w-H_091-215x227 w-H_101-215x237

I prize: Shot Glasses

w-I_011-215x284 w-I_021-215x271 w-I_031-215x277 w-I_041-215x275

J Prize: Visual Mats

w-J_05-215x152 w-J_06-215x152 w-J_07-215x152 w-J_011-215x152 w-J_021-215x152 w-J_031-215x152 w-J_041-215x152

Last Prize: Son Goku 30th Anniversary figure


Double Chance Prize: Tenkaichi Budoukai Trunks figure


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Source: Dengeki Hobby


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