Sunshine City Ikebukuro‘s Fountain Plaza hosted a very unique birthday celebration dedicated to one particular anime character from Prince of Tennis and it just shows how dedicated some fans really are as they lined up to lay flowers in front of a mosaic portrait completely made out of chocolates.


The character in question is Prince of Tennis’s Keigo Atobe, heir to the Atobe conglomerate and ace of the Hyoutei Academy tennis team. His chocolate mosaic was made by Morinaga Chocolate which made his portrait completely out of white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate DARS bars.

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And since this was held in Ikebukuro, the capital of the fujoshis, sure enough, female fans lined up, and they did not just line up, but they also brought flowers. They then layed these flowers before Keigo Atobe’s chocolate mosaic.

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However, it seems that some did not get what the event was for and thought that the character had died. One of the people who lined up even offered some rice, and in Japan, rice is often offered to those who died.


But still, this is one helluva unique birthday celebration I must say.

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