Renowned Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts game designer Tetsuya Nomura recently unveiled his own take on Hatsune Miku in New York, which drew mixed reactions from the fans. The gaming icon recently sat down in an interview with Japanese gaming magazine, Weekly Famitsu and talked about the Tetsuya Nomura X Hatsune Miku collaboration.


When asked if there is a possibility of a Hatsune Miku collaboration game made by Square Enix, Nomura answered that there is a possibility and he is already discussing it together Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto. He also said that the collaboration project was something he did out of “personal interest” and said that hopefully, the next Hatsune Miku X Tetsuya Nomura announcement will be a new video game and not just an artwork, a video and a new Play Arts Kai figure.


Nomura also talked a bit about the future during the interview and stated that he is already involved with a lot of projects and his schedule has been pretty much decided until 2019 which is quite a long time. Will there be a Miku game along that time? Only time will tell.

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