He’s done it again…


After completing a 2 meter Zeta Gundam masterpiece out of wood to impress his grand kids, 67-year old Kenichi Okada from Kakogawa, Hyougo prefecture, has unveiled a new 2 meter wooden mobile suit he personally handcrafted and painted, and it is just as good as his Zeta Gundam.


The retired JR railway engineer originally built the wooden Zeta Gundam for his two grandsons, however, both were not interested in Gundams, but this did not stop him from creating Char Aznable Quattro Bajeena’s famous golden mobile suit as a follow-up project. However, he suffered from cerebral infarction, forcing him to suspend production. Now that he is OK, he finally finished his project and unveiled it to the world.

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Okada really payed attention to a lot of details in this Hyaku Shiku and even added a few decals to give it that GunPla feel. However, because it is constructed out of wood, it is also very difficult to paint.

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Okada says that the entire thing weighs in at 40Kg. He also stated that he is planning to make a Gundam Unicorn next.

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Source: Sankei News


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