At approximately 70cm tall, or 2.3 feet, Griffon’s latest figure featuring OreImo‘s Kirino Kousaka may just be their biggest yet and pre-orders have now been opened.


To put into consideration how big it really is, a 1/6 scale figure such as a Hot Toys figure or Medicom’s Real Action Heroes only stands at 12 inches or 1 foot, meaning this Kirino is more than twice the size of your everyday 12″ figures. It costs twice as much too and is priced at 41,904 yen or approximately 390 USD.

FIGURE-008851_01 FIGURE-008851_02 FIGURE-008851_04

But what makes this figure even more special is that its chest is soft, just like a real woman’s. No wonder why many Japanese women don’t like guys collecting bishoujo figures


FIGURE-008851_05 FIGURE-008851_07

This 1/2.5 scale Kirino Kousaka figure is the first figure to be released as part of Griffon’s new Super Figure line which will include another OreImo heroine, Kuroneko, as well as Super Sonico and Aigis from the Persona series. If this Kirino figure’s chest is soft, then imagine Sonico’s! This figure is scheduled for release late April 2015.

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