After announcing that Gundam Build Fighters Try will be streamed for free in in several countries like the Philippines, official website to the Gundam franchise, has finally streamed the new anime for free for selected territories like South East Asia, North America, and South Korea.

With English Subtitles:

With Korean Subtitles:

New episodes for the anime will be streamed for free every Wednesday on a weekly basis. This follows what previously did in the first season when it streamed it for free also via youtube. Thai and Chinese subtitles were also available during the first season, so who knows? Maybe will also add more languages in the future.


Speaking of Gundam Build Fighters Try, the anime’s official website has asked fans to vote for which GunPla would they like to make an appearance in the anime. Only the GunPla listed in the official listing (in Japanese) will be allowed, however, they include mobile suits from several spin-offs like Mobile Suit Gundam MSV, Gundam F-90, MS IGLOO, Gundam SEED VS Astray, and Gundam Sentinel. Official “canon” Gundam series such as Gundam UC, Char’s Counterattack, 08th MS Team, Gundam SEED, Gundam Wing, Gundam 00, Turn A Gundam, are also listed so fans can either vote for a more mainstream choice like Amuro Ray’s Nu Gundam or a more obscure and unkown GunPla like the AMX-103P Waiqueure. Fans may submit their votes through the official website, but only until November 12, 2014.


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