Super Robot anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is headed to the stage, and the head shots of the four main characters, Kamina, Simon, Yoko, and Nia have been revealed and so far, they look pretty nice. However, since they were only head shots, fans weren’t really satisfied. Well, fret not as Office Endless, which produces the live action stage play, has now unveiled the main characters’ full body shots along with the full body shots of the other cast members in their costume.

Here’s the main cast:

glsc 1

Koutarou Itou as Simon

gl 1

Shouta Motogawa as Kamina

gl 2

Konona Shiba as Yoko

gl 3

Miku Ono as Nia

gl 4

And here’s the supporting cast who will help our heroes “fight the power”

glsc 2 glsc 3

Takurou Sawada as Leeron


Seitarou Chiba as Kittan


Shungo Takasaki as Rossiu


Airi Nakajima as Kiyoh


Mana Ogawa as Kinon


Miu Mochizuki as Kiyal


Keisuke Furuhata as Gimmy and Karin Isobe as Darry

gimmy darry

glsc 4 glsc 5

Takuma Miyazaki as Dayakka, Kouji Oushima as Kidd, and Teruya Mori as Ailac

dayakka kidd iraak

Tomoki Yanagisawa as Jogan and Shigeaki Fukui as Balinbow


Takashi Nakanashi as Attenborough


Jin Aoki as Zorthy, Makoto Watanabe as Tetsukan, Yoshiyaki Oyadomari as Makken, and Yuuna Inamura as Leite

zorthy tetsukan makken leite

And then there are the bad guys, the Beast Men…

glsc 6

Rikuhei Fuji as Lordgenome


Hiromu Mineta as Viral


Kenji Yamamoto as Thymilph


Mari as Adiane


Aren Kohatsu as Cytomander


Takuma Tokuda as Guame


So what can you say about the costumes so far? Did they give the costumes of the live action Danganronpa stage play a run for their money?

Titled Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann -Engeki-hen-, the play will be based on the original anime series and will run in the Zenrousai Hall Space Zero theater in Tokyo from October 22 to 26. The play is supervised by Gainax, which produced the anime, and will be presenting new material not featured in the original animated series.

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