The iconic Japanese bullet trains known as the Shinkansen have been in service since 1964, and to help celebrate its golden anniversary, Vocaloid producer Sensha P and Hatsune Miku are introducing a new song which can make that main character from train anime Rail Wars! cry buckets.


The video features a shot of Miku riding on top of the Shinkansen as she sings the song “Deep Blue Stripe”. The song celebrates the Shinkansen with lyrics which mean that “The country is proud of the Shinkansen” and “Hope will echo in the minds of shining light”.


According to Sensha P, the Shinkansen is a Japanese technological marvel which its citizens should be proud of. When the video was uploaded via Niconico, the comments have featured planty of congratulatory messages to Japan’s premiere high speed railway system.

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Source: NicoNico News


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