After much anticipation, Japan’s most famous virtual idol, Hatsune Miku, has finally made her US TV debut, and she did it with style as she graced The Late Show with David Letterman during its October 8, 2014 episode.

Oh Boy indeed Dave! Following heavyweight guest Anderson Cooper from CNN, as well as American actress Gina Rodriguez, Miku rocked the stage over at the CBS Studios in New York City with the song “Sharing The World”.


The performance used the latest 3D projection technology to bring Miku to a wider range of audience within America, as well as to promote the Miku Expo in New York and Los Angeles.

miku letterman

CBS also streams entire late Show episodes to selected territories so if you missed the performance, you can watch it again through their official website along with some clips from their other episodes. As of now, the full episode has not yet been uploaded


Miku has also been busy in New York as of late with a new art exhibition as well as the unveiling of the new collaboration with Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura. So how did you find her performance in Letterman? Will it be enough for to turn a wider range of audience into Miku fans?

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Source: Kotaku


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