During the Kazuma Kamachi live stage event during the Dengeki Autumn Festival, it was announced that one of his other light novel works (which are not part of his A Certain series), Heavy Object, will be getting itself an anime adaptation as part of the LN author’s 10th anniversary.


The light novels are illustrated by Nagiryo and is set in the future where wars are still being fought. In these wars, a weapon known as “Object” has changed how fights are being fought. One day, a boy named Quenser is dispatched in a battle where he meets a girl known as “Elite”, and “Elite” is the pilot of the “Object”. A total of 8 volumes have already been released for the series.


The anime’s announcement is Dengeki’s 10th and final addition to the Kazuma Kamachi 10th anniversary celebrations which included plenty of goodies from the A Certain series from new figures to a new LN series by Kamachi himself. Unfortunately for fans who were expecting a third season for A Certain Magical Index, looks like Heavy Object won this battle.


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Source: Dengeki Online


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