Saitama Prefecture is considered one of the most famous anime holy lands in Japan as the area has been used as the setting for many anime series such as AnoHana and Lucky Star. To celebrate the area’s ever-growing anime tourism industry as well as to promote several of the popular anime pilgrimage spots, the city of Saitama held the 2nd Ani-dama Festival at Sonic City with plenty of anime-related activities for two days last October 11 and 12, 2014.


Saitama Prefecture is also the setting for the mountain climbing Yama no Susume. To promote the anime, which has its second season currently airing in Japan, several Yama no Susume buses were seen transporting people throughout the city. One of these buses were put on display during the event.

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The bus’s interior was also opened for the public to see and it was literally filled with scenes from both the anime and the original source manga.

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Lucky Star is perhaps one of the most famous anime series set in Saitama, and the series is perfectly represented in the anime festival with this pair of cosplayers who came dressed up as the Hiiragi twins, Kagami and Tsukasa, in their shrine maiden (miko) outfits. They even came with a Lucky Star itasha.

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Speaking of itashas, the event featured plenty of them

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Several shops selling limited edition anime merchandise were also spotted during the event


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