After shocking everyone with the retirement of ClariS member Alice for her to focus on her studies, many thought that the mysterious teenage duo known as ClariS would be done for. However, that does not seem to be the case as the J-pop duo’s official website has announced that a new member will be replacing the now-retired Alice.


The website featured a silhouette of what seems to be original member Clara along with the yet-to-be-named new member. This coincides with the announcement made by Clara during a phone interview with Japanese TV show, Mezamashi TV. She clearly stated that ClariS will not be dissolved even if Alice retires.

Also announced is the release of a new song titled “Clear Sky” which will be bundled in a bonus CD which is bundled with the next issue of M-On! magazine which is due for release on November 8, 2014. The song is arranged by Maruko Maruyama who is also responsible for some of ClariS’s hits such as Restart, Hanabi, Wake Up, and others.


This announcement has gotten a lot of fans talking, with many wondering who the new member is, will she be as good as Alice, and whether she will also be a teenager.

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