Best known for performing theme songs for anime such as Bleach (OP 10), Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (ED 4), and Star Driver (ED 2), as well as the theme song for the Pokemon XY: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction movie, all-girl band Scandal will be heading to Asia, North America, and Europe for a worldwide concert tour.


Dubbed “Hello World”, this world tour will kick-off in Japan from January 24 – April 19, 2015 before heading to five different counties. So for the people in Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, get yourselves ready as Scandal heads to your countries. The Girl Band has previously performed in several other countries, such as Singapore, Indonesia, and the US.

No exact dates and venues have been announced for their international performances thus far, however, it would be certain that the tour will be happening in 2015.

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Source: ANN


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