After leaving some fans scratching their heads because of its rather abrupt ending, a sequel manga for Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s beloved sports manga, Kuroko’s Basketball, will be making it debut this December inside the pages of Jump NEXT magazine.


After much speculation on what the “Miracle” happening in Jump NEXT is, it was later confirmed to be the sequel manga. This supports the speculation that Kuroko’s Basketball will only be moving from Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine to another Shueisha magazine which is Jump NEXT. This follows what other Weekly Shounen Jump! sports mangas like Prince of Tennis and Captain Tsubasa has done in the past.

The Kuroko’s Basketball sequel manga begins in issue #6 of Jump NEXT, which is scheduled for release December 29, 2014 and will feature a color page to celebrate the new manga. An epilogue chapter was also launched online via Shounen Jump app, Shounen Jump +.

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