In Madoka Magica, we all learned never to trust a white magical cat-like creature known as Kyuubey. However, Lawson is giving this not-so-lovable mascot the spot light, and will be featuring it as a steamed bun.


One steamed bun costs 165 yen and is filled with spicy Mapo Tofu. Well, it really is just like Kyuubey, huh? It looks innocent at first yet once you give in and take a bite, you will get burned by its spiciness. They will go on sale starting November 4, 2014.


To celebrate the release of the Kyuubey steamed bun, Lawson will also giveaway a special Madoka Kaname figure autographed by her very own voice actress, Aoi Yuuki. One lucky winner who will join a Lawson Retweet campaign from November 4 -6, 2014 will be getting this figure.


OK, so it involves Kyuubey and something you really want… I am not trusting this one bit as I really don’t want to get my soul taken

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