Big Comic Magazine’s official website has announced that legendary mangaka or manga creator Go Nagai, best known for creating classics like the Mazinger Z series, Cutie Honey, and the Devilman series, will be making a manga comeback for the magazine’s January 2015 issue, due for release on Christmas day, December 25, 2014.


The new manga will be part of his Devilman series and will be titled “Devilman Saga” and will be one of six new series announced for the magazine. Nagai has also been very busy as of late with several mangas currently in serialization like Shin Mazinger Zero vs Ankoku Daishougun and Grendizer Giga. 


The legendary manga artist has become the inspiration for many current and aspiring manga artists and this new work would further excite his fans and cement his legacy.

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Source: ANN


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