Gainax‘s highly popular Super Robot anime, Tengen Tonpa Gurren Lagann, is heading to the stage, and new visuals recently released by production company Office Endless has revealed head shots of the live action stage play’s main cast in costume.


Titled Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann -Engeki-hen-, the play will be based on the original anime series and will run in the Zenrousai Hall Space Zero theater in Tokyo from October 22 to 26. The play is supervised by Gainax which produced the anime and will be presenting new material not featured in the original animated series.


Simon will be played by Koutarou Itou


Kamina will be played by Shouta Motogawa

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Yoko will be played by Konona Shiba

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and Nia will be played by Miku Ōno


Since Office Endless, which produces the stage play, has only released head shots and not full body shots of the actors in full costume, it’s still not clear if the costumes really are loyal to the original source material, just like the Danganronpa stage play costumes. However, so far, from the head shots alone, the cast looks awesome in costume.


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