In the tradition of Japan‘s weird fast food merchandise, Japanese fast food franchise Lotteria is challenging KFC Japan with their own weird merchandise, a couple of USB sticks inspired by their infamous burger towers.


These USB sticks celebrate the seventh anniversary of Lotteria’s Zeppin Burgers, and are based on their 5-patty Zeppin Cheeseburger and their massive 18.5cm Zeppin Shrimp Burger.

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They actually look a lot better than the actual burgers you get to eat, huh?

Both USB sticks can support 4GB worth of memory, however, they are one of a kind as only two lucky twitter followers will be able to win them. It really sounds like KFC japan’s Colonel Day promotion where they are giving away fried chicken-themed merchandise from PC keyboards, USBs, and earrings, to smartphone holders and pillows.

Your move McDonald’s Japan

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Source: Weekly ASCII via Kotaku


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