I have cooked for kids even before becoming a chef, and I must say, they are a lot harder to please than professional food critics. If some of them see something like a carrot, a piece of garlic, ginger, broccoli, or a tomato in their meal, they will not eat. But foods like these are essential for growing children, right? Well, don’t worry parents because the magical girls from Pretty Cure have come to the rescue.


To make sure kids properly eat tomatoes, the Fujimoto Bussan Fruits and Vegetables company is teaming up with the kid-friendly magical girl anime and packaged their cherry tomatoes with illustrations of some of the anime’s characters. Cherry tomatoes were chosen for the collaboration because they are the easiest to make a child eat because of their small size, and like most tomatoes, are very healthy.


This is to not only promote healthy eating among Japanese kids, but also to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Pretty Cure anime series which owes a lot of its success to the younger demographics. These PreCure tomatoes are now available in various groceries and super markets in Japan.


This won’t be the first time Pretty Cure is going healthy with a fruit as they also released some “limited edition PreCure bananas” which are surely rich in Potassium.

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Source: animeanime.jp


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