Japanese women’s website, MyNavi Woman, has recently asked its readers which type of collections do they NOT want their boyfriends to have, and the results offer a lot of bad news for anime figure collectors.


The top three of the online poll results have stated that Japanese women don’t like guys who collect anime figures and most certainly don’t like their boyfriends collecting them. Figure collections take the #1 spot in the rankings as 40 women have said that they don’t want their boyfriends collecting figures in general while #2 goes to collecting Bishoujo figures which took 29 votes. 23 people meanwhile voted for #3 ranked anime figures.


According to a 28-year old respondent, people do not need figures while a 26-year old respondent has stated that they are unpleasant to look at. This may be attributed to the fact that otaku-related hobbies are generally looked down upon in Japan as opposed to what is believed by most people who live outside the country.


Here are the Top 10 results for the survey:

1) Figures (40 votes)

2) Bishoujo figures (29 votes)

3) Anime Figures (23 votes)

4) Idol posters and pictures (17 votes)

5) Idol merchandise (15 votes)

6) Female Underwear (13 votes)

7) Insect collection (10 votes)

8) Hentai videos (6 votes)

9/10) Otaku goods (3 votes)

9/10) Anime merchandise (3 votes)

Anime merchandise are also a turn-off to Japanese women as it seems, as both Otaku goods and Anime merchandise have made the top 10 with 3 votes each.

GOODS-00006029 GOODS-00006043

Idol fans may also be disappointed as many Japanese women also tend to be turned off by guys who are too into idols.


The other turn-offs are a bit more understandable as female underwear collections are just creepy while many find disliking guys who are into Hentai videos just natural. Many women, not only the Japanese, are also scared of bugs so that collection making it to this ranking is also very understandable.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, this figure collector will now go to a corner and sulk.

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Source: MyNavi Woman


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