The Japanese aren’t exactly the best English speakers on Earth, and that is why a new book by co-written by renowned manga creator Hirohiko Araki is teaching the Japanese people how to speak English through Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The book is also supervised by one very surprising expert on the English language, former Heavy Metal Guitarist for the band Megadeath and current Japanese TV show host, Marty Friedman.


The book contains several English exercises which can make learning English fun if you are a Japanese Jojo fan. It also contains several illustrations drawn by Araki himself. The book is also co-written by Naohiko Kitaura.

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This unlikely team will probably get many Japanese to learn English with this book as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most popular anime and manga series in Japan right now. This unique guide to conversational English is now available on Amazon for 1,080 yen

A video for the new book has also been released. So you think you can speak English well? Jotaro Kujo will be the judge of that!

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