Team Onodera and Team Tsugumi members rejoice as new figures of these two Nisekoi heroines are now open for pre-order. The shy Kosaki Onodera gets a new Nendoroid from Good Smile Company as well as a new Beach Queens figure from Wave, while the tomboy assassin Seishirou Tsugumi also gets herself a cute nendo from GSC.

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The adorable Nendoroid version of Kosaki Onodera comes with a cute “embarrassed” face and “panic” face which really highlight her shy nature. She also comes with a hand holding one of the “keys” to Raku’s locket. She is scheduled for release February 2014 and is now available for pre-orders via various figure shops and websites for 4,000 yen. This figure stands at approximately 100mm tall and sculpted by Shichibee.

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Team Onodera members might also enjoy Wave’s latest Beach Queen. At 1/10 scale, this new Beach Queens Kosaki Onodera measures in at approximately 160mm in height and features the shy heroine in a pink and frilly two-piece swimsuit. She is sculpted by Sai and costs 6,700 yen. She is scheduled for release late May 2015.

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But if you are a member of Team Tsugumi, do not fret because this tomboy assassin is also getting her own Nendoroid due for release April 2015. She comes with a handgun, a very cute embarrassed (angry) face, and an extra body, one not wearing a jacket. She is also sculpted by Shichibee who also sculpted the Chitoge and Onodera nendoroids, and she also costs 4,000 yen,.

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