We have previously reported on a Pikachu Bed going on sale, and that very bed has attracted a whole lot of attention, as even the makers of Pokemon, which are Game Freak and Nintendo, have noticed.


The bed went on sale in the Japanese shopping website, Mercari, for 39,800 yen, however, the product has been taken out of the page’s listing since the bed was featured in the Fuji TV show, Mezamashi Doyoubi.


The Fuji TV Show apparently stated that the bed is produced in China and the company which made it did not get Nintendo’s approval to make a bed which looks like Pikachu. Uh-oh!


It was also pointed out that the beds did not feature Pikachu’s signature lightning-shaped tail, and many have said that if an official bed was made, it would have featured the tail.


Also, the show has stated that Mercari, which sells the Pikachu beds online, has also sold other beds which have violated copyright laws.


Japan is really getting strict with its copyright laws huh? Well, let’s just say one does not simply mess with Nintendo’s lawyers. The anime and manga industry is also getting serious with fighting piracy as anime icons Kirito, Naruto, Luffy, Eren, and Conan, have even teamed up recently in a new artwork to fight anime piracy.

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Source: Hachimakikou


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