With the unveiling of the third Sword Art Online game titled, Sword Art Online: Lost Song, during the Dengeki Fall Festival, fans have been talking about it with much excitement. SAO and Accel World series creator Reki Kawahara has recently sat down with Dengeki Online, along with Bandai Namco game producer Yosuke Futami, to talk about the upcoming game which will be based in the world of Alfheim Online or ALO.


Lost Song will be the third game for the franchise, following Infinity Moment and the highly successful Hollow Fragment games. Because this game is not set in Aincrad but in Alfheim, the element of flight has become a big factor for the game.


During the interview, Futami admitted that making a game based on ALO is a whole lot more difficult than the two previous games, especially in making the element of flight a central theme in an RPG. Getting aerial acrobatics and free movement while in flight is simply much more difficult as compared to making a character just run or walk on solid ground. He also admitted that putting Kawahara’s ideas from the novel was also quite difficult. Kawahara on the other hand said that the game will have more action elements in it than the previous games.


The game will also involve some ground action, after all, there are some areas in Alfheim where flight is not permitted, and according to Futami, the gameplay of air battles and ground battles will be different from one another. Kawahara also revealed that unlike the SAO games, there will also be another element added to this new game; Magic.


What also makes this game quite different is that unlike SAO, ALO is not a “Death Game” and you are basically allowed to die. According to Kawahara, the Death Game part of SAO was meant to “eliminate the duality of the player and his avatar”. However, with Lost Song, with the “Death Game” element now gone, he said that it is now something that “flesh-and-blood players can now enjoy” rather than worry about survival.


The game follows the “updated” version of ALO where the world of Aincrad has already been added by Kirito and the others thanks to the “seed”. They also discussed new areas which have been added


They then teased a few character designs which seems to be about Asuna’s Undine version at first, but on closer inspection, it seems to be a guy. Also teased is what seems to be Lost Song’s original heroine… oh whoever could they be?

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They then talked about magic which is also central to the gameplay. In ALO, magic is requires chanting, and that will also be in play during the game. However, according to Futami, chanting will “feel a bit more free.” They also talked about casting time, attack magic, and recovery magic, which will make Lost Song totally different from Hollow Fragment.


They also talked about the monsters. According to both Futami and Kawahara, the flying red dragon featured battling Kirito in the PV is still only “medium-sized”, so that means there are still bigger and stronger ones out there.


The game is scheduled for release some time next year and it will be available for both the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 3.

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Source: Dengeki Online


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