During Machi ★ Asobi Vol.13 in Tokushima, Japan, an auction was held for charity and it featured several anime, manga, and video game related items. However, one item fetched a whole lot more than others.

An autographed illustration by Type-Moon co-founder and original Fate/ Stay Night illustrator Takashi Takeuchi featuring the Fate series main heroine, Saber (King Arthur) has fetched a hefty sum of money which costs a whopping 620,000 yen, which is approximately US$5,800.


The illustration was auctioned off with a frame, but it is doubtful that the frame actually contributed to the illustration’s overall price. The auction battle was also very heated and since the price got to the record high of 620,000 yen, it had to come down to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who gets to buy Saber.

The price is almost twice that of last year’s most expensive auctioned item, which is a Kara no Kyoukai illustration which was worth over 300,000 yen. Well, those are some very dedicated fans with deep pockets. And the great thing is, its all going to charity so everyone wins.

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