Sega finally has a new Love Live! image girl and she was recently announced by the official Sega twitter page. So who is this winner? No, she’s not Kotori and she’s not Nico who both usualy top official Love Live! polls on a consistent basis, and no she’s not favorites Honoka or Maki either as the winner is a whole lot more unexpected than them. The surprising winner of this official Love Live! poll is none other than Rin Hoshizora, the series’ resident hyperactive tomboy.


Rin took first place over constant favorites Kotori, who took second place and Maki, who took third. Rin will now serve as Sega staff’s brand new image girl and will be featured in various illustrations and promotions.


Rin actually came from behind and won the contest from out of nowhere. When the interim results were released, she was not even in the top 3 as Kotori took first place halfway through the elections with Nico taking second and Maki taking third.


But Rin persevered and took first place, surprising a lot of people in the process. Congrats Rin-chan! Sega will definitely be in good hands with her as their image girl.

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