The most famous anthropomorphic warship girl from Kantai Collection is undoubtedly the one-off destroyer, Shimakaze, who has captured the hearts of fans around the world, even before the anime has even aired. She is also known for her speed, in fact, you can even call her a speed-lover. One man entering the Maizuru Akarenga Half Marathon channeled this speedy destroyer as he cosplays Shimakaze to enter the race.


Despite the foul weather and the impending super typhoon about to make landfall in Japan, fans and runners alike braved the weather to watch or participate in the marathon, and when they arrived, they were surprised at what they saw. Shimakaze actually used her (his) speed to get ahead of the competition.


Looks like he has truly channeled Shimakaze as he has left the pack behind. Fans watching the race and braving the typhoon took pictures as the speedy runner ran by.


Well, he has certainly turned a lot of heads. He has even won the division he competed in and truly lived up to the speedy Shimakaze’s name. Now, if only he ran with some Rensouhou-chans, he would have truly pulled off Kantai Collection’s most famous destroyer…


He finished the race first in his age group and had the finishing time of 1 hour 12 minutes and 3 seconds. Congratulations! Now, I wonder who will win in a race between him and fellow Kantai Collection fan, Takashikyo Yashimoto, the guy dubbed as Japan’s fastest otaku? It would certainly be interesting… Anyway, it really does seem that some of Japan’s fastest really are Kantai Collection fans.

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Source: Moe Otanews

A huge thanks to Arata Kaji for the heads up


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