During a handshake event for fans in Nagoya, Japan, SKE48 idol Jurina Matsui gave the fans in attendance an extra treat when she came into the event cosplaying Mari Makinami Illustrious from the Eva movie, Evangelion: 2.0 You Can [Not] Advance.

Jurina 2

According to her post on her official Google+ page, this is the first time she has ever cosplayed and thankfully, she is planning to do it again in the future as she said that she had fun cosplaying and enjoyed the reactions of the fans when they saw her as Mari, so that’s certainly good news not only to her fans, but Evangelion fans as well as many have said that she has pulled off Mari in her cosplay.

jurina 1

Many fans have praised the idol singer and said that she was really cute and her cosplay is “high quality”. However, Jurina did admit she was not familiar with the Evangelion series, but now, she is interested in it now that she found Mari to be really cute. She’s also adjusting her glasses a lot.

12 - 1

According to the official SKE48 blog, fellow SKE48 idols Yuka Nakanishi and Airi Furukawa were the ones who encouraged her to cosplay Mari. Hopefully, when she starts watching the series because of this, she might even do the Gendou pose.


The SKE48 idols previously cosplayed the Love Live! characters during a live event while Rena Matsui cosplayed Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill for the AKB48 elections. Several AKB48 members also cosplayed as the magical girls from Madoka Magica in another fan event.

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