The legal battle between Square Enix and SNK Playmore over the romantic comedy manga High Score Girl  is getting a whole lot uglier as the embattled media company, Square Enix, has filed their own counter-lawsuit against SNK Playmore, which filed a lawsuit against them for allegedly using their fighting game characters in the High Score Girl manga without permission.


In an official statement released online, Square Enix stated that they filed a “confirmatory judgment of non-infringement” against SNK, and stated that the manga does not violate any copyrights held by SNK and contests the lawsuit filed against them. The statement also stated that they are fully cooperating with police since the police raid against their head office last August 5, 2014.


SNK filed the complaint after discovering that the manga used several of its copyrights from various games such as The King of Fighters and Samurai Showdown without permission. Copies of the manga were recalled by Square Enix last week. Square Enix formally announced that the manga will go on temporary hiatus. An anime adaptation for the manga has also been green-lit and the publishers have said there were “no changes” in the plans to animate the series despite the fact that it is currently facing some legal troubles against SNK and the fact that the manga is being voluntarily recalled.

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Source: Square Enix official


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