Sword Art Online II’s suspense-heavy GunGale Online arc has finally ended, and the anime’s staff has announced two new arcs which will be shown for the hit anime’s second half. They also released a new key visual for both these new arcs.


After a compilation episode about the GGO arc known as Episode 14.5: Debriefing, the next arc will be called “Calibur” which takes Kirito and his harem friends (including Klein and Agil) into the depths of ALO in order to find the legendary sword Excalibur. The series is basically a quest arc where Sinon transfers her character over to ALO temporarily as payback to Kirito and help his party obtain the legendary weapon. It is based on the SAO arc in Volume 8 of the light novels by creator Reki Kawahara. It may be in volume 8, however, its events predate Mother’s Rosario and is set after the end of the Phantom Bullet arc or the GGO arc. This new arc begins on October 18, 2014.


Mother’s Rosario on the other hand is based on Volume 7 and shifts the attention from Kirito to his girlfriend, Asuna, who discovers that a mysterious character called Zekken, who is going to teach a secret 11-move Sword Skill to anyone who can beat him. Turns out that Zekken is actually a player named Yuki, the leader of a group known as the “Sleeping Knights” and she is just as strong as Kirito! Mother’s Rosario begins November 8, 2014


It has also been announced that the new OP will be performed by Haruka Tomatsu and the new ED will be performed by LiSa. So are you excited? Get ready for some feels though…

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Source: SAO anime twitter page


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