The Japanese otaku capital known as Akihabara seems to have been taken over by Sword Art Online as of late, as Akihabara landmark shop Animate has recently opened a Sword Art Online Only Shop in its basement. It seems that the series has also taken over the Tokyo Anime Center over at the 4th floor of Akihabara UDX.

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The Akihabara landmark which was made to market anime to both local Japanese residents and foreigners has recently adapted a Sword Art Online theme as well, and will be featuring several upcoming SAO figures, merchandise, artworks, replica props, costumes, art boards, and prop designs until October 26, 2014.


The exhibition serves as an introduction to Sword Art Online II and also briefly discusses the events of the anime’s first season. It also briefly discusses Gun Gale Online or GGO, which is the game Kirito dives into to search for Death Gun in the Phantom Bullet Arc.

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Several standees of the anime’s characters are also featured in the exhibition.

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Over-sized panels provide plenty of eye candy inside the Tokyo Anime Center as well

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The artboards and prop designs meanwhile show fans the production side of SAO II and give aspiring animators a peek at what they will be expected to do in their dream jobs.

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Replicas of the Sword Art Online weapons from the Excalibur which is currently featured in the new Caliber arc, as well as Sinon’s Hecate II were the centerpieces of the exhibition. Costumes of Sinon and Asuna were also on display.

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The current arc, Caliber, as well as the next arc, Mother’s Rosario, were also featured

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The dubbing scripts used by the voice actors were also exhibited along with the upcoming SAO II DVDs and Blu-rays, as well as the official sound track CDs

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Light novels, related books, figures. and other merchandise were also featured

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And finally, we leave you with an image of the Dakimakura hugging pillow of everybody’s favorite Kiritrap


Oh how I wish I was back in Akihabara right now.

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