As the gaming world eagerly awaits Tekken 7, Bandai Namco Games has recently revealed the game’s release date for Japanese arcades during a recent amusement games machine business event, and it is tentatively set on February 2015.


The new arcade version will be running on a new circuit board which is different from the System 369, which was previously used for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and is based on the specs of PlayStaion 3, as well as the PC system-based System E3 which Bandai Namco is currently using in some of its arcade games.

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There will be two available arcade machines for operators, one priced at 1,680,000 yen and one which has the price tag of 1,198,000 yen. The two new Tekken characters, Claudio and Catalina, were also featured in the event’s demos. Catalina is described as more beginner-friendly while Claudio is a bit more technical to use.

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New screenshots from the game have also been released and they give fans a sneak peek at the game’s customization options

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But wait a minute, Asuka and Xiaoyu seem to be wearing idol costumes… and given that Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada is a huge fan of The [email protected] series, even photobombing his waifu, Iori’s latest Million Live card, could we really see some [email protected] costumes when Tekken 7 is released?

20_t7screens01 20_t7screens05 20_t7screens06

Other details of the arcade version include an online rematch option, a daily bonus mechanic to be implemented to those who visit the arcade to play Tekken 7 daily, and a jackpot bonus awarded at the end of a match.

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Sources: Dengeki Online via Event Hubs, AM-Net


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